About Christian

Christian joined the Wilmington community with his wife Paola, son Jacob, and their fur baby Ruby in August of 2017. They relocated to our area from Connecticut after Christian had become the quickest employee to become fully vested and max out his company’s pension plan. Christian and his wife had made the decision to relocate to the Cape Fear area after vacationing here in 2007. When the opportunity for his lovely wife to work remotely from home and a chance to avoid the winters up north became attainable, they jumped at the chance.

At an early age, Christian had an internal love of Real Estate. As a young boy, he would gladly accompany his parents to showings and open houses in their search for a new home willingly. That interest would not leave him as he matured into his late teens and twenties. Every weekend he would look forward to the new listings and open house advertisements in the Sunday paper. While attending college, Christian took the pre-licensing course in the state of Illinois for fun but decided that college and the full-time job he was already placed in was the direction to go.

That full-time job led to a decade of assisting customers as the customer liaison, and parts manager at the world’s largest and longest running beverage equipment remanufacturer. This allowed Christian the opportunity to travel the country and get to know and understand the differences in people and communities from place to place and state to state. During this time Christian was still touring and viewing homes on the market as a hobby.

Approaching 30 and having to assist in a family issue in the east he decided it was time to move on to Connecticut. This allowed him to be close to his mother as well as her siblings and family located in Maine. It was early during his time there that he met his wife. While there, Christian worked for one of the largest boutique beer distributors on the east coast. Christian stayed with the company for over 14 years where he worked in delivery, warehousing and sales. Whether delivering or dealing with direct sales, he was always excellent at putting the customer at ease and understanding exactly what it was the customer was looking to achieve and then assist in that goal. It is this knack that enabled him to purchase a snack food distribution company and turn a 67% profit in the span of two years.

Christian has earned Intracoastal Realty’s exclusive Institute Graduate Certification, which is awarded to associates who have furthered their professional real estate education through a comprehensive program of specialized, in-house coursework. The Intracoastal Realty Institute Graduate Certification curriculum includes specialist certification in technology, finance, new home construction, relocation, marketing, and communication skills.

It is this understanding of people, places and wants that make Christian such an effective Broker and what separates him from others. He takes the responsibility as a trusted advisor very seriously and is by your side from beginning to end. Making sure that the process whether buying or selling is as exciting, fun and stress-free as possible. Whether you are buying or selling your FIRST, NEXT or FOREVER HOME he is always there for you.